Oil, politics, conflict and Canada

A new book by Canadian energy economist John Foster shines a light on the dark geopolitics of oil and gas. It uncovers the complex and hidden motivations of governments, including our own, that lie behind military interventions, crippling sanctions and other actions in our name.  See: Oil and World Politics – The real story of today’s conflict zones: Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Ukraine and more  (Lorimer Books).

Oil and World Politics is essential reading for anyone wanting not only a round-up, but also a behind-the-scenes exposé of the players and pundits in what Foster rightly calls the Petroleum Game. He outlines in fascinating and frightening detail the history, geography and culture behind the biggest game of Risk we’ll ever play. – Wayne Grady, author

Foster’s book is particularly timely given the high profile actions that Canada has recently taken ostensibly in support of human rights and democracy in Venezuela. John Foster suggests a quite different motivation may also be at play:

… Canada and Venezuela are in competition for US refineries…. Sanctions against Venezuela are part of a US global push for energy dominance.

For more on the specific case of Venezuela, see: Are actions against the Venezuelan government really about oil? (John Foster, OpenCanada.org, 3 October 2018).

There is much more to say about the role of Canada in this complex, deadly petroleum game!

John Foster will speak in Ottawa at an event co-sponsored by the Rideau Institute and the Group of 78. See: Oil and World Politics – Canada Plays the Oil Game too , October 17th, 7:00-9:00 p.m., St. Paul’s Church, 473 Cumberland St.   The event will be videotaped and made available on our websites.

Petroleum geopolitics are as opaque as they are complex. This vital driver of so many of the world’s conflicts, and in particular, of western military interventions, is rarely if ever part of our public discourse. John Foster’s invaluable book changes all that. The book — and this lecture — are a must for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of global conflict and its potential resolution. – Peggy Mason, Rideau Institute President


Photo credit: Lorimer Books (cover page of Foster book)

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