A foreign policy worthy of Canadians

Dear Rideau Institute friend,

As Canadians go to the polls today (at least the ones who have not already voted in advance polls in record numbers),  I wanted  to take this opportunity as President of the Rideau Institute to send a personal message to all of you about how we will be evaluating the new government going forward.

Canada needs a government that is not just willing but eager to ensure we do our part in tackling the myriad challenges facing our global community, whether this be:

Meanwhile, here at home, we need a government dedicated to an inclusive, just and prosperous society where every Canadian can celebrate this country as well as their individual heritage, whether that be indigenous or from Europe, the Asia Pacific, Africa or the Americas.

We pledge our tireless efforts to this worthy end!

Onward in peace and solidarity,


Photo credit: David Carpenter (CartoonStock.com)

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