Directeurs et Conseillers

The Board of Directors

Michael Byers

Michael Byers holds a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Global Policy and International Law. Until 2004, he was Professor of Law and Director of Canadian Studies at Duke University; From 1996 to 1999 he was senior research fellow at Jesus College, Oxford University. Research by Mr Byers particularly focus on the interaction between law and international politics, particularly with respect to human rights, international organizations, the use of military force, the Arctic and the relations Canada- United States. He has published six books and dozens of scholarly articles and more than a hundred free opinions in editorial page in international newspapers, the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star and the Ottawa Citizen.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell is executive director of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives since 1994. He is the author of numerous reports and articles on national and international public policy issues, and is often invited to express its comments in the media and present speakers. He regularly acts as a witness before committees of Commons and the Senate, and the US Congress.

For many years, Bruce has coordinated the drafting of the Alternative Federal Budget, an iconic action CCAC. He is co-author or editor of several books: Straight Through the Heart: How the Liberals Abandoned the Just Society (with Maude Barlow); Living with Uncle: Canada-US Relations in an Age of Empire (with Ed Finn); and Medicare: Facts, Myths, Problems & Promise (Greg Marchildon).

Peggy Mason, Vice President

During his career, Peggy Mason is illustrated as a diplomat and expert in the field of peace and security, with a particular interest in the United Nations where she served as Canadian Ambassador for Disarmament from 1989 to 1994. Since 1996, Ms. Mason has worked on various aspects of the training of the soldiers involved in the actions of the UN peace-keeping, particularly in the development of totally innovative principles for disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of former combatants. Regularly working as a trainer and instructional designer, it provides the political and diplomatic context of the UN in various exercises to train military leaders of NATO and the EU for complex multidisciplinary operations of peacekeeping and crisis stabilization. Since 2002, Ms. Mason is attached to the top of search Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) from Carleton University, where she also serves as Chair of the Advisory Council of the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance (CCTC). Since 2004, she is President of the Management Board Peacebuild, a network of Canadian NGOs involved in all aspects of peacebuilding. Graduate and winner of a gold medal of the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa, Peggy Mason became a member of the Common Law Honour Society in 2003.

Kathleen Ruff

Kathleen Ruff was director of the Court Challenges Program and director of the Commission on Human fingers of British Columbia. She was also editor-in-chief and founding editor of the Canadian Human Rights Reporter and host of the Ombudsman broadcast on the air of the CBC television. She is currently coordinator of the Alliance of the Rotterdam Convention, which represents health promotion organizations and the environment around the world who work to promote and defend the Rotterdam Convention. She is the founder of and Senior Advisor to the Rideau Institute on the issue of human rights.

Steven Staples, President

Steven Staples is the president of the Rideau Institute. Over the past 20 years, he served as Director of Security Programs positions for the Polaris Institute, coordinator of mobilization campaigns of the Council of Canadians and coordinator of End the Arms Race. It is well known for his research on international issues of defense, disarmament and trade. In 2006, he published his first book, Missile Defence: Round One, in Lorimer, who tells the citizen campaign that persuaded the Martin government to refuse to participate in the US program of ballistic missile defense in February 2005. in 2008, he served as co-editor with Lucia Kowaluk of Afghanistan and Canada collection: is there an Alternative to the War? at Black Rose Books. Steven Staples is a member of Canadian Pugwash Group and the Group of 78.

Mel Watkins, Secretary-Treasurer

Mel Watkins is an activist and analyst in Canadian political economy. He is professor emeritus in economics and political science at the University of Toronto. He is emeritus editor of This Magazine and lead author of the federal report Foreign ownership and structure of the Canadian industry in 1968. His main areas of research are economic history and contemporary political economy of Canada. He was a founder and a partner chefs, with James Laxer of the Waffle, a political left within the New Democratic Party who was promoting an “independent socialist Canada” and Canadian nationalism. He was also president of Science for Peace.

Jural advisor

Shrybman, Sack Goldblatt Mitchell s.rl

Shrybman focuses his practice on international trade business and public interest arbitration, including matters relating to the environment, health care, human rights and labor, defense of public services, natural resource management policies and intellectual property. Steven is often expressed through lectures or articles on the influence of international trade law on various areas of law and policy in Canada. He also participated in drafting and promoting conventions on cultural diversity and access to water as a human right.

Steven received his LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School. After an internship with SGM and organizing the management of student interns SGM, he was admitted to the Bar in 1981.

Senior advisors

Peter Coombes, co-founder and Managing to job evaluation for CUPE

Murray Dobbin, author and political commentator

Walter Dorn, Professor of Defence Studies, Royal Military College of Canada

Mel Hurtig, author, former publisher and founder of the Council of Canadians

Anil Naidoo, international policy analyst in the water and organizer of the Blue Planet Project.

Douglas Roche, author, former parliamentarian and retired senator

Bill Robinson, former Programme Officer, Project Ploughshares
Erika Simpson, Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Western Ontario

Scott Sinclair, director of the trade research project and investment, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Alice Slater, Director, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, NY