The Rideau Institute provides opportunities for students and recent graduates who want to gain hands-on experience in a non-governmental organization with a focus on foreign and defence policy. Our mission is to help revitalize Canada’s peacekeeping, diplomatic peacemaking and peacebuilding roles in the world, through creative, innovative and inclusive multilateralism, strengthening the UN capacity for conflict prevention and peaceful conflict resolution and the progressive enhancement of international law.

We advocate for made-in-Canada policies that recognize the interdependence of the global community, and the equal right of all peoples to peace, security and justice.

At all times, the Rideau Institute has unpaid positions for volunteers and interns from accredited institutions. Each academic term and in the summer months, we typically have one full-time “anchor” intern (four or five days per week) who is receiving course credit for the internship. In addition, we might also have two or three interns working at least two days per week. Volunteers typically contribute on an “as required” basis or may dedicate one day per week to specific administrative and donor-related activities.

The Institute blends research and analysis with media and Internet communications techniques as it advances its policy agenda for Canada. Officially, the Rideau Institute is a non-partisan, independent policy-relevant research and advocacy think-tank in Ottawa. Unofficially, it is known as one of the most active and influential progressive policy-focused foreign policy organizations in town.

Typically, the Institute will be busy with its extremely active social engagement program of social media posts and website blogs. Another key activity is preparing the regular direct mail and email campaigns to engage its 20,000 supporters. In addition, the President will be launching reports commissioned by the Rideau Institute, speaking at, and participating in, conferences and roundtables, engaging with the media through articles and interviews, testifying before Parliamentary Committees, interacting with Members of Parliament, policy makers and officials, and working with other likeminded non-government organizations to advance our progressive policy agenda.

Peggy Mason, the Institute’s president, describes the experience like this: “We are a small, tightly knit organization, and while it can a bit hectic at times – it is an exciting workplace where everyone helps out when needed. We want our interns and volunteers to be ready to “pitch in wherever needed” as we work help give Canada a stronger, fairer, more inclusive voice on the world stage.

To inquire about volunteer or internship opportunities, send a letter of inquiry and résumé to:
or call 613 565-9449.

 Rideau Institute Progressive Public Policy Interns

Murad Ali

I am a third-year student at Carleton University studying Public Affairs and Policy Management with a concentration in International Security and Intelligence Policy. I have prior experience in policy in my position with an Ottawa City Councillor in addition to substantial analysis relating to Canadian foreign and security affairs. With the Rideau Institute, my project focus is to help develop and prepare a conference on Arctic Security to be co-hosted by the Canadian Pugwash Group and Trent University.

Anjana Balachandran

I am a second-year student at the University of Ottawa in the honours bachelor of Political Science and Juris Doctor program. I have worked on several community projects including member of Senator Mcphedran’s youth advisory, the Canadian Council of Young Feminists. With the Rideau Institute, my research focus is disarmament and gun violence in Canada with a view of possible policy implications.

Inaara Savani

I am a third-year student at Western University doing an Honours Specialization in International Relations with an interest in African conflict and security. With Rideau Institute, my focus is to provide perspectives from selected countries in Africa on Canada’s foreign policy efforts in the areas of gender, peace, and security. As the co-managing director of a youth non-profit based in Kenya and Uganda, Stand Up Shout Out World, I have gained experience in non-profit management, and running independent campaigns related to social, economic, and sustainable development in East Africa. I am currently working with software such as R and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) that can be applied to Canadian foreign policy analysis and satellite surveillance.

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