There is a way forward for Israel and Palestine, but first the war must end

July 3, 2024

We outline our plan for a viable, secure path to full Palestinian statehood. But first our government must call on Israel to support a permanent ceasefire now.

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Gaza ceasefire negotiations, Israeli airstrikes and ICC arrest warrants

May 2, 2024

Today we examine the terrible impact of Israel’s illegal doctrine of disproportionate force, assess renewed ceasefire negotiations and ponder the implications of possible ICC arrest warrants against senior Israeli political and military figures.

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Ukraine peace talks inch closer; Canada must sanction Israeli War Cabinet

April 16, 2024

Serious attention is finally starting to be paid to realistic peace negotiations to end the Ukraine conflict. And Canada must sanction the Israeli War Cabinet for gross human rights violations in Gaza.

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UNSC passes ceasefire resolution and amended NDP motion makes history

March 26, 2024

Non-permanent UN Security Council members lead the way on passage of a resolution calling for an immediate Gaza ceasefire. We also closely examine the positive policy implications of the amended NDP motion passed in the House of Commons on 18 March.

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