Aid versus arms, Palestinian rights, DND disinformation update and more

November 23, 2020

Against the backdrop of World Children’s Day (November 20), we look at the conflict between Canada’s arms export and humanitarian aid policies, review a little good news in our UN voting on Palestinian rights, and consider how we might help stave off catastrophe in the horn of Africa.

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Defence Minister Sajjan cancels military plan targeting Canadians for deception operations

November 16, 2020

Cancellation of DND plans to influence Canadians through propaganda and other deception operations is the first step. Robust, ethically-based policy that clearly differentiates between activities to inform Canadians and operations targeting adversaries is the second.

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A sneak peek at what foreign policy changes a Biden presidency might bring

November 9, 2020

A sneak preview of what a Biden presidency might mean for key foreign policy issues like relations, with China, arms sales to Saudi Arabia. climate change and reining in nuclear weapons.

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Dicey trade agreements, the economics of nukes, Turkish drones and Canadian gun control

November 2, 2020

Today we examine how a “modernised” Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement bypasses international law; consider the Globe and Mail’s own investigation into Canadian drone technology in Nagorno-Karabakh, and ponder the power of the Canadian gun lobby.

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