Can you teach someone to swim without getting wet?

November 16, 2010

“Despite the government’s assurances to the contrary, this new training mission will likely involve combat. As long as Canadian troops remain in Afghanistan, there will be pressure for Canada to lift its non-combat caveats, especially if the war worsens over the coming years.”

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Staples op-ed: Why the F-35 is the wrong plane for Canada

October 20, 2010

Steven Staples in Embassy on the F-35.

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Pilot Error: Why the F-35 stealth fighter is wrong for Canada

October 14, 2010

Steven Staples argues that Canada does not need the F-35 stealth fighter and should not proceed with the purchase of it. Staple’s presents alternative actions that the Canadian government should take.

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Analysis of F-35 Stealth Fighter procurement to be released

October 13, 2010

An analysis to be released on Thursday, October 14, by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) and the Rideau Institute demonstrates that Canada does not need the F-35 either for North American/domestic roles or for expeditionary roles.

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