Lessons from Ukraine and an important China update

February 19, 2023

We examine some key lessons from the Ukraine conflict and ask whether leaders are heeding them. And we look at the need to balance national security concerns with academic freedom and vital scientific collaboration.

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Canadian mediation, China co-existence, Nordstream revelations and arms export hypocrisy

February 12, 2023

Canadian mediation in Cameroon, constructive co-existence with China, startling Ukraine developments, the origins of Canada’s arms export policy and new space risks are all topics in today’s post.

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Killer robots, Ukraine’s dilemma, and silence over Israel’s democratic descent

February 5, 2023

UPDATED US POLICY ON KILLER ROBOT RAISES NEW QUESTIONS Last week’s blog post considered an article by Henry Kissinger on ending the Ukraine war. Near the end of that article, he wrote: Autonomous weapons already exist, capable of defining, assessing and targeting their own perceived threats and thus in a position to start their own […]

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Can China help end the Ukraine war? Nuclear fusion and the tools of war and more

January 29, 2023

Amid yet more military escalation in Ukraine, we consider a potential mediation role for China, as well as its place in post-war reconstruction efforts. We look at the key role of the nuclear fusion “breakthrough” in modernizing nuclear weapons – not mitigating climate change – and more.

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