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PM Harper’s stone cold decisions

June 19, 2015

In an essay entitled “How Harper froze out scientists, triggered Arctic debacle” (The Chronicle Herald, 17 June 2015), Ron Mcnab describes the negative ramifications of yet another decision made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper where politics trumps scientific and technical expertise. “The tale begins in the waning days of 2013 when Canada’s prime minister was […]

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Michael Byers: The North Pole is a distraction

August 21, 2014

Read the full article at the Globe and Mail. [T]he North Pole is … located more than 700 kilometres from land, in 4,000 metres of water covered with drifting sea ice. Powerful winds, frigid temperatures and seasonal darkness add to the misery. Like all waters more than 200 nautical miles (370 kilometres) from shore, the […]

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Feds should think carefully about Canadian military’s push for drones

May 31, 2013

The Hill Times talks to Steven Staples, President of the Rideau Institute, and others about the Harper government’s plan to acquire armed drones for Canada (Matt Moir, “Feds should think carefully about Canadian military’s push for drones, say experts, critics,” Hill Times, 27 May 2013 — subscription required): “As we’ve learned in Afghanistan, the misuse […]

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Media coverage: “Titanic Blunder”

April 12, 2013

The latest report on military procurement, co-produced by the Rideau Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, was released on April 11, 2013.  Titanic Blunder: Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships on course for disaster, was written by Michael Byers, Professor of Political Science at the University of British Colombia and Stewart Webb, Visiting Research Fellow at […]

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