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What people are saying about armed drones for Canada

April 24, 2013

“…whether the drones should be armed, it will probably be part of the identified need that the drones should have an armed capability. Clearly, in foreign operations, during complex missions like in Afghanistan or Libya, for example, the advantage of drones is that they remain in position for long periods of time and they see […]

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Staples and McCorkle Op-ed: Canada should reject armed drones

March 6, 2013

Embassy News Wednesday, March 6, 2013 If the Canadian Forces possessed a fleet of armed drones, would Prime Minister Stephen Harper be readying them for Mali? It’s an important question, given the Canadian military’s long-standing desire for Predators and the government’s interest in providing military support to the French troops battling ethnic Tuareg and Islamist […]

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