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Head of new UN body on asbestos hot seat!

December 3, 2015

We are re-posting this important blog by Kathleen Ruff, Senior Human Rights Advisor and Board Member of the Rideau Institute. (See: Head of UN sponsored science initiative asked to uphold scientific evidence, RightonCanada,ca, 1 Dec. 2015).   Scientists and civil society organisations from around the world are asking Prof. Paul Shrivastava, a professor at Concordia […]

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Kathleen Ruff Op-ed: Russia, Zimbabwe pick up the asbestos baton from Canada

May 6, 2013

Canada is no longer in the asbestos business but its message is clear: if you can make money from a hazardous substance, then oppose safety requirements. Kathleen Ruff Toronto Star May 5, 2013 In February last year, an Italian court sentenced two asbestos industrialists to 16 years in prison for criminal conduct in having for […]

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Kathleen Ruff: Canada at heart of global asbestos lobby

November 1, 2011

Canada was in the world spotlight earlier this year, when our government refused to allow chrysotile asbestos to be put on a UN list of hazardous substances. Over and over, the government has repeated the following words: “For thirty years, Canada has promoted the safe, controlled use of asbestos at home and overseas.”

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