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Some federal budget good news, more CSIS problems and more Ukraine quagmire

April 2, 2023

No big defence spending increases, funding for implementing measures to allow humanitarian organizations to operate in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and more oversight of CSIS are all good news stories from the 2023 federal budget. And the Ukraine update offers yet more arguments for a diplomatic push now.

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More Iraq war lessons, Canada and Israel and another AUKUS update

March 26, 2023

Media cheerleading and intelligence failures that helped sell the Iraq war are now being replicated in the Ukraine war and in relation to China’s activities in Canada. We find more media failings in our AUKUS nuclear sub update and welcome Canada finally speaking out against Israeli extremism.

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Canadian mediation, China co-existence, Nordstream revelations and arms export hypocrisy

February 12, 2023

Canadian mediation in Cameroon, constructive co-existence with China, startling Ukraine developments, the origins of Canada’s arms export policy and new space risks are all topics in today’s post.

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USA on verge of abandoning another key arms control agreement

February 4, 2019

On Friday, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, formally gave notice of America’s intention to withdraw from one of the last major nuclear arms control treaties, citing Russian cheating as the reason. Under the terms of the Treaty, it will take effect in 6 months. Coming a day after important new developments in EU efforts to counter […]

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