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A new approach to foreign policy begins!

November 6, 2015

REINSTATE “HONEST BROKER” ROLE IN MIDDLE EAST, WRITES FM STEPHANE DION On the same day that he was sworn in as Canada’s Foreign Minister, Stéphane Dion penned an article for iPolitics where he took on the thorny issue of Canada’s relations with Israel. He argued that Canada can help Israel more by returning to its […]

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Staples and McCorkle Op-ed: Canada should reject armed drones

March 6, 2013

Embassy News Wednesday, March 6, 2013 If the Canadian Forces possessed a fleet of armed drones, would Prime Minister Stephen Harper be readying them for Mali? It’s an important question, given the Canadian military’s long-standing desire for Predators and the government’s interest in providing military support to the French troops battling ethnic Tuareg and Islamist […]

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