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Canada, China and Submarines

June 4, 2023

Security hawks have it dead wrong. Conventional, not nuclear-powered, submarines are the right choice for Canada, for nuclear non-proliferation and for global stability.

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Bioweapons, Ukraine peace proposals from UK/France/Germany, election interference in Canada and more

March 12, 2023

Today we consider biological weapons verification, new proposals from the UK, France and Germany for Ukraine peace talks and how Canada should respond to allegations of foreign and domestic election interference.

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Lessons from Ukraine and an important China update

February 19, 2023

We examine some key lessons from the Ukraine conflict and ask whether leaders are heeding them. And we look at the need to balance national security concerns with academic freedom and vital scientific collaboration.

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Canadian mediation, China co-existence, Nordstream revelations and arms export hypocrisy

February 12, 2023

Canadian mediation in Cameroon, constructive co-existence with China, startling Ukraine developments, the origins of Canada’s arms export policy and new space risks are all topics in today’s post.

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