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Averting climate catastrophe and giving hope to Haiti

October 30, 2022

Today’s post examines the pre-eminence of climate action as one more urgent reason to pursue a just peace in Ukraine. We also look closely at proposals for an international security assistance force tailored to Haiti’s real security needs and linked to genuine political dialogue.

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Ukraine grain deal, climate crisis, China report and RI summer recess

July 24, 2022

The UN and Turkey broker a Russia-Ukraine deal on grain exports, the climate crisis worsens, China threat inflation helps no one and we are going on a summer break!

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A sneak peek at what foreign policy changes a Biden presidency might bring

November 9, 2020

A sneak preview of what a Biden presidency might mean for key foreign policy issues like relations, with China, arms sales to Saudi Arabia. climate change and reining in nuclear weapons.

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