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Failed NPT conference leaves despair and hope; democratic deficit over Ukraine grows

September 4, 2022

We examine why a key nuclear treaty review ended in failure, outline some ways forward and build on our ongoing examination of the mainstream media failure to properly inform Canadians about the Ukraine conflict.

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Defence Minister Sajjan cancels military plan targeting Canadians for deception operations

November 16, 2020

Cancellation of DND plans to influence Canadians through propaganda and other deception operations is the first step. Robust, ethically-based policy that clearly differentiates between activities to inform Canadians and operations targeting adversaries is the second.

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More on USA-Iran Confrontation & Time to reassess Canada’s military role in Iraq

January 20, 2020

As the American campaign of “maximum pressure” against Iran and that country’s response of “maximum resistance” wreak havoc in the region and beyond, a chorus of international voices have called for de-escalation and renewed peaceful engagement.  On 15 January, Canadian Pugwash Group, whose Vice-Chair is RI President Peggy Mason, added its voice. Their Statement on […]

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