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David Petrasek: Ten quick steps to reset Canadian foreign policy

October 22, 2015

by David Petrasek (CIPSBlog, 20 October 2015).   David Petrasek, professor and human rights expert at the University of Ottawa, offers Ten Quick Steps to Reset Canadian Foreign Policy while the Liberals work over the longer term to re-establish Canada’s role as an active middle power that is committed to multilateralism and upholding international law. […]

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Harper’s Niqab Debate Shames us all.

October 9, 2015

  Blog post by Peggy Mason, President of the Rideau Institute   What do Stephen Harper and Islamic State have in common? They both want to dictate how certain women should dress.   Let us be perfectly clear. The niqab is only a symbol of oppression if it is forced on women.  Coercion is the […]

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