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We need a peace deal to end this war

March 19, 2022

This terrible conflict is wreaking havoc in Ukraine, on the global economy and on global security. We examine the prospects for a peace deal and what Canada can do to help Ukraine achieve it.

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Canada failing on Ukraine diplomacy, but there’s progress in Ottawa to end the occupation

February 19, 2022

As the crisis in Ukraine heightens, we examine new diplomatic openings to avert catastrophe. And we take a deep dive into the implications of invoking the Emergencies Act to end the Ottawa occupation.

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Did CSIS miss a possible subversion threat to Canada? New Ukraine update

February 12, 2022

Today we examine the apparent CSIS failure to anticipate a possible far right plan to subvert Canadian democracy; and we highlight diplomatic progress over Ukraine despite the high octane rhetoric and military posturing.

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Ukraine, North Korea and Afghanistan: Canada can do better

February 5, 2022

In today’s blog post we look at continuing diplomacy in Ukraine, the reasons behind North Korea’s flurry of missile test launches and the urgency of donor action to stave off utter catastrophe in Afghanistan.

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