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Feds should think carefully about Canadian military’s push for drones

May 31, 2013

The Hill Times talks to Steven Staples, President of the Rideau Institute, and others about the Harper government’s plan to acquire armed drones for Canada (Matt Moir, “Feds should think carefully about Canadian military’s push for drones, say experts, critics,” Hill Times, 27 May 2013 — subscription required): “As we’ve learned in Afghanistan, the misuse […]

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Michael Byers Op-ed: Canadian peacekeepers should be in Mali – It’s in our national interest

April 29, 2013

Michael Byers The Globe and Mail April 29, 2013 The United Nations Security Council has just approved a peacekeeping mission for Mali. Canada, with decades of experience in these operations, really should take part. The UN-led force will not replicate the work of the French soldiers who, since January, have wrested northern Mali out of […]

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Procurement of Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships Contains Titanic Blunder, Report Finds

April 11, 2013

A new report examining the government’s plans to build Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships has just been released by the Rideau Institute and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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Staples and McCorkle Op-ed: Canada should reject armed drones

March 6, 2013

Embassy News Wednesday, March 6, 2013 If the Canadian Forces possessed a fleet of armed drones, would Prime Minister Stephen Harper be readying them for Mali? It’s an important question, given the Canadian military’s long-standing desire for Predators and the government’s interest in providing military support to the French troops battling ethnic Tuareg and Islamist […]

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