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Harper’s foreign engagement more posturing than policy

September 29, 2015

In a brilliant article, the last Canadian Ambassador to sit on the UN Security Council, Paul Heinbecker, convincingly explodes the Conservative hype of “international statesmanship and principled policy, of economic action plans and historic trade agreements, of a rediscovered warrior spirit and newfound hard-nosed diplomacy.” (“Foreign Posturing: How does Harper’s foreign policy stack up?“, Literary […]

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A Canadian defence and security policy for the 21st century

May 13, 2015

Canada is in urgent need of a progressive, innovative and effective defence and security policy for the 21st Century.  Peggy Mason provides insight into why the United Nations is central to making that happen. Embassy News: A Canadian defence and security policy for the 21st century Peggy Mason, President of the Rideau Institute May 13, 2015 Much […]

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Op-ed: What we’ve learned in 65 years of peacekeeping

May 28, 2013

Steven Staples and Joshua Libben Ottawa Citizen May 28, 2013 Decades after its first mission in 1948, United Nations peacekeeping is as controversial today as it was back then. Sixty-five years ago this week, on May 29, 1948, officers were sent to monitor the truce established following the First Arab-Israeli War. Canadian prime minister Lester […]

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Michael Byers Op-ed: Canadian peacekeepers should be in Mali – It’s in our national interest

April 29, 2013

Michael Byers The Globe and Mail April 29, 2013 The United Nations Security Council has just approved a peacekeeping mission for Mali. Canada, with decades of experience in these operations, really should take part. The UN-led force will not replicate the work of the French soldiers who, since January, have wrested northern Mali out of […]

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