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Israeli war crimes, Ukraine and cluster munitions, GAC-CSO consults and more

July 9, 2023

Today we examine the Israeli assaults on Jenin Refugee Camp, reflect further on the possible American endgame in Ukraine, as well as its highly controversial decision to supply that country with massive quantities of cluster munitions, and end with a brief note on the first GAC-CSO consultations on non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament, since before the pandemic.

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Countering Islamophobia, preventing a Ukraine long war and bidding farewell to the ISP

June 11, 2023

Today we present some great news on countering Islamophobia in Canada, we consider an expert’s game plan for moving from an unwinnable war in Ukraine to a durable armistice and David Johnston resigns.

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The foreign influence registry could fail a Charter challenge; Ukraine war update and more

May 14, 2023

Today we look at why civil society leaders in promoting transparency are against a foreign influence transparency registry as well as the potential threat it poses to fundamental Charter rights of all Canadians. And more on Ukraine and Israel-Palestine.

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Redefining victory in Ukraine and securing justice for Hassan Diab

April 30, 2023

Today we consider an innovative Canadian analysis for defining “victory” in Ukraine and we call for urgent action in support of justice for Hassan Diab, after his long Kafkaesque ordeal at the hands of the French justice system.

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