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Climate and the UN, saving UNRWA, new Ukraine update

September 17, 2023

Against the backdrop of terrible climate calamities, we examine a big win for the UN and multilateralism in protecting our oceans. We also look at how Canada can help save the agency responsible for Palestinian refugees. Finally our new Ukraine Update examines old and new paths to war termination.

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Afghanistan, Ukraine updates and Canada in cyberspace

August 28, 2022

We examine deplorable inaction by Canada that is costing lives in Afghanistan, update on Ukraine and a potential fracturing of European unity over soaring energy prices and end with high praise for Canada’s new position on cyberspace in international law.

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Choosing peace over blood and ashes in Ukraine

May 7, 2022

This week’s post examines the role of a revitalized peace process in reducing nuclear risks and ending this terrible conflict. We also urge our Government and Parliamentarians to practice what they preach when seeking to hold Russia to legal account.

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Can UN chief help bring peace to Ukraine? Building Arctic security and more

April 23, 2022

Today we ask – can the UN Chief help bring peace to Ukraine? We urge greater clarity in our defence budget, discuss tensions in the Arctic and on the Korean peninsula and end with another message from the UN Secretary-General.

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