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UNSC passes ceasefire resolution and amended NDP motion makes history

March 26, 2024

Non-permanent UN Security Council members lead the way on passage of a resolution calling for an immediate Gaza ceasefire. We also closely examine the positive policy implications of the amended NDP motion passed in the House of Commons on 18 March.

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Canada reinstates UNRWA funding on International Women’s Day

March 10, 2024

After backtracking by the PM, Canada has finally done the right thing and reinstated UNRWA funding. The next step is to immediately stop all arms exports to Israel.

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UNRWA on the brink: Canada restore funding now!

February 25, 2024

Canada must reinstate funding for UNRWA immediately as well as taking further concrete action to end the war in Gaza and build a lasting peace. And it must get serious about helping build prospects for peace in Ukraine.

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Canada must play its part in opposing a Rafah ground invasion by suspending all arms transfers to Israel now

February 15, 2024

Canada must back up its stated concerns over Israel’s plans to launch a ground offensive in Gaza that imperils over one million civilians by suspending all arms transfers to Israel immediately.

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