Unpublished Café Podcast features RI President Peggy Mason on N95 Mask Controversy

Veteran Ottawa journalist Ed Hand interviews University of Ottawa professor Amir Attaran and Rideau Institute President Peggy Mason on the implications – domestic and international – of the shocking Trump administration decision to block the export of N35 medical-grade masks destined for Canada.

While Professor Attaran is extremely critical of the Canadian government’s actions, RI President and former Ambassador Peggy Mason offers a more nuanced examination of the diplomatic challenges faced by Canada – and the world – in dealing with the ‘radioactive instability” of the Trump administration in the time of pandemic.  

The interview with Peggy Mason begins at the 10:19 minute mark:

COVID-19: US Denies Canada N95 Medical Masks (Ed Hand, unpublishedottawa.com, 7 Apr 2020)

Image – unpublishedottawa.com

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